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denniechan's Journal

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Coming up in the days when Melrose Place and the Sweet Valley World reigned supreme (for some), I am writer of puzzling difficulty. My more recent stories lack the staggering soap-operesque drama as my earlier attempts, but unfortunately I suffer from rampant verbosity. (Is that a word? Oh well.) But then again, I could be just exaggerating and you could read me just fine. Oh well.

My imagination causes me vexation because I have't finished a story yet. Well, except one, but I can't post it here because it is mostly an Orlando Bloom fanfic. As soon as I get knee-deep in one, I think of another. But I hope to remedy that problem with a bit of dilgence since I have more nights free nowadays.

The Stuff I Love:

Unrated Actresses. Example #1: Trini Alvarado. I recently, during the Halloween movie influx, watched a movie called The Frighteners. Lord of the Rings fans might recognize the name of this film because Peter Jackson directed it. While watching I saw a familiar face... "Hey, it's Meg from Little Women!" She made so much of an impression on me that I ended up buying Stella and The Perez Family just to see her in them. Eventually I got on the Internet and tried to learn more about her, but unfortunately there is so pitifully little to be found. She is my inspiration for the character Isabelle Flannery in The Tricorn. I've started a website on her, and I hope more people learn about her.

Example #2: Robyn Lively. I have adored Robyn since the first time I watched Teen Witch in my middle school years. I came into Savannah way too late and had to buy a fan-made DVD which is surprisingly good. She is top billed on the show's credits but Jamie Luner is better remembered. Understandable I guess, but... People know about her younger siblings Eric (So Weird, I think?) and Blake more, and I think she deserves more work. She and Trini both. She also inspired my creation of Jessica Thomas a long, long time ago.

Adorable Men. Example #1: Michael Vartan. A recent obsession sparked by watching Never Been Kissed on a boring Thursday night. Like with Trini, I bought One Hour Photo and It Had To be You just to see him in it. (Photo still creeps me out, though; Robin Williams was too convincing.) I'd already owned Monster-in-Law and he is absolutely glomp-worthy in that, too. He is the reason I got into Alias finally, but the show is good, I found, for other reasons, too. He is attractive in a boyish sort of way.

Example #2: Henry Cavill. Uh, The Tudors' first episode, about a third of the way in. Hello?! Need I say more? but he was also adorable in Red Riding Hood. (Don't we all wish we could get our teeth to twinkle when we smile? Sigh.) I would go on, but I have a feeling I'll be going on all day.

Example #3 and #4: Orlando Bloom and Jack Davenport. The Calcium Kid and Coupling. I think that sums it up. ("I'm just worried about your face!" Love it!)

Kicking it Old School. Music is so varied these days, and anyone can find something they like, but I can't help but to go back to the music I listened to back in the day. While driving yesterday, I skipped over P!nk's "So What" (an awesome song, though) for Surface's "Happy." It takes me a bit to catch up, and I am just now finding my inner Keyshia Cole. ("Heaven Sent," hell yes!) Though, right now, I'm bobbing my head to Britney Spears. Yeah, I killed the lights.