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Welcome to my Live Journal page! Unlike my other stuff, this is much more random with writing, graphics, and personal stuff. This awesome layout was taken from Butterfly Box, but the header was created by me.

October 2013
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denniechan [userpic]
All the Wishing


All the wishing (all the wishing)
All the praying (all the praying)

You can wait until bedtime
Hoping on stars in the sky
You can watch superheroes
Dreaming you can fly
But it's a better bet
That without an ounce of sweat
It’s nothing you're gonna get

You gotta work to get it done
You gotta work to get it done
And then the best will be won

All the wishing (all the wishing)
all the praying (all the praying)
All the wishing (all)
Won't get you what you desire

They can make it look easy for you
From a minimalist point of view
Put a while of hard times
In a tidy little montage
A maid turned into a princess
Can have the world thrown at her feet

You gotta work (gotta work, gotta work) to get it done
May seem like added misery
But the best will be won


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